Bridlington – 2013

Bridlington keeps its jewels well hidden as you approach by road.  There is quite a lot of town to navigate before you get that first tantalising glimpse of its lovely sandy beach. I parked up on the North side at the very generous public green and where everything seems to happen. There was a kite [...]

Scarborough – 2012

Living in Bay means the next few legs of the journey are local to me and I have revisited them many times, although the demands of the workshop and studio have slowed me down somewhat. The next few years are an experiment in balancing ‘creative work’ and ‘paid work’ ….if I could get this right [...]

The Studio – 2011

Station Art Workshop - The studio At this point in the blog I think I should mention my studio in Robin Hood’s Bay. I moved to Bay in 2010 and rented the studio from Scarborough Council in 2011. Later that year I started Station Art Workshop running art classes for the local community in Robin [...]

Saltburn – 2011

Saltburn I have come to know and love Saltburn very well over the years. This Victorian town was created rather than developed. It was intended to be the Northern version of Bournemouth for the steel workers and miners of middlesborough and has a place in the heart of any true Borough soul. As you approach [...]

Paddy’s Hole, South Gare – 2010

My first visit in 2010 Reputedly called Paddy’s Hole because it was built by Irishmen from the slag produced by  Redcar steelworks blast furness early 1800s. Locally known as Paddy’s Hole. It is not for the feint hearted. In fact it does not even officially exist.  On the strength of some well trusted local knowledge [...]

Tyne mouth & South Shields – 2010

I had been informed that Tynemouth was a quaint, traditional and pretty…..and it was. Not what you expect to find at the mouth of one of the most industrial areas in Britain.  The boats pull up to the quay and distribute their catch directly into the fish restraunts along the harbour side.  Unfortunately my visit [...]