Norfolk to Suffolk – Great Yarmouth

My journey through norfolk and Suffolk is one I re visit in my mind more than any other……due to the political mess we have now called ‘Brexit’. It was five years ago I first arrived and it was here I first realised things were not comfortable. The time I spent living in North Yorkshire I [...]

Norfolk to Suffolk – Croma

Approaching Croma from the north the full victoriana of the white pier dominates the entire beach. The weather was kind this cold september day and it dazzled. I tried to get the light playing on the structure and decided water colour was the best approach. On this journey I made a pact with myself to [...]

Norfolk to Suffolk – Wells-next-the-sea

Wells-next-the-sea Having navigated the wash area and wonderful nature reserves toward Kings Lyn I work my way round the top of Norfolk. Lincolnshire and Holderness are flat but do not prepare you for the wonderful sky scapes and light I am presented with here. My first port of call is Wells-next-the-sea and I wondered where [...]