UK coastal tour – Littoral Structures

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Littoral Structures: Relating to or situated on the shore.

Things gather at the waters edge, including me. I am drawn to the seashore wherever I can access it.

It is not especially the sea that fascinates me but the structures that have evolved out of the human activity and man’s connection with the sea.

This connection is made for all sorts of reasons. Jetties for docking or unloading, piers for strolling and fishing. They all offer an abundance of visual subject matter for my work.

In 2010 I launched on an epic journey traveling along the English coastline in search of littoral structures to paint. I travel to selected sections of the coast for a short time each year collecting visual information, returning to my studio to develop the work from that section

It is the architectural engineering aspects of the structures I find most fascinating. I come from a family of engineers but did not think I carried the gene until I started this body of work. When I am visually researching an area it is difficult not to consider the industrial or social history of the structure that brought it into being.

Each new area has particular social and economic characteristics which has a direct affect on my work and I try to reflect this in the paintings.