Saltburn Pier
Blythe - Lynne Wixon
Harbour Hut 2 Wells - Lynne Wixon
Banburgh Beach - Lynne Wixon
Whitby Pier - Lynne Wixon
Refuge Hut 2 - Lynne Wixon
South Shields Lighthouse - Lynne Wixon
Stinson 1 - Lynne Wixon
Scarborough Spa - Lynne Wixon

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“Things gather at the waters edge, including me.

I am drawn to the seashore wherever I can access it. To me it is as much a landscape as any mountain range or rolling meadow.”

Forthcoming exhibitions:

  • Collier West, Brooklyn NY – 5th July to 29th 2019
  • Art in The Gardens, Sheffield – 7th & 8th September 2019
  • Chester Art Fair – 15th – 17th November 2019

My blog…

The Studio – 2011

Station Art Workshop - The studio At this point in the blog I think I should mention my studio in Robin Hood’s Bay. I moved to Bay in 2010 and rented the studio from Scarborough [...]

Saltburn – 2011

Saltburn I have come to know and love Saltburn very well over the years. This Victorian town was created rather than developed. It was intended to be the Northern version of Bournemouth for the steel [...]

Paddy’s Hole, South Gare – 2010

My first visit in 2010 Reputedly called Paddy’s Hole because it was built by Irishmen from the slag produced by  Redcar steelworks blast furness early 1800s. Locally known as Paddy’s Hole. It is not for [...]