Saltburn Pier
Blythe - Lynne Wixon
Harbour Hut 2 Wells - Lynne Wixon
Banburgh Beach - Lynne Wixon
Whitby Pier - Lynne Wixon
Refuge Hut 2 - Lynne Wixon
South Shields Lighthouse - Lynne Wixon
Stinson 1 - Lynne Wixon
Scarborough Spa - Lynne Wixon

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“Things gather at the waters edge, including me.

I am drawn to the seashore wherever I can access it. To me it is as much a landscape as any mountain range or rolling meadow.”

Forthcoming exhibitions:

  • Collier West, Brooklyn NY – 5th July to 29th 2019
  • Art in The Gardens, Sheffield – 7th & 8th September 2019
  • Chester Art Fair – 15th – 17th November 2019

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Tyne mouth & South Shields – 2010

I had been informed that Tynemouth was a quaint, traditional and pretty…..and it was. Not what you expect to find at the mouth of one of the most industrial areas in Britain.  The boats pull [...]

Blyth – April 2010

The next leg of my journey started in Alnmouth. The B&B was a small private house run by a resentful couple who moaned about prior guests...probably soon to be my fate. I left quite promptly. [...]

Lynne Wixon Littoral Structures – UK Coastal Tour

I paint man-made structures that link the land with the sea. In 2010 I decided to start a journey travelling round the English Coastline covering as much as I could in search of inspiration for [...]