Bridlington keeps its jewels well hidden as you approach by road.  There is quite a lot of town to navigate before you get that first tantalising glimpse of its lovely sandy beach.

I parked up on the North side at the very generous public green and where everything seems to happen. There was a kite festival the day I arrived which filled me with excitement….what wonderful imagery. Sadly it seemed I had picked the only windless day on the East coast ever.

Not to worry, I headed for the business end where the fun fair takes up most of the boulevard, plenty to go at here.

Lynne Wixon - Littoral Structures series

Lynne Wixon - Littoral Structures series

On another visit I headed for the old town and was lucky enough to be asked to exhibit my coastal paintings  at in the old town.

Ive been dying to mention this…..the gallery is quite well known in the area and it holds some very good Hockney prints. At the time he still had a house in Brid and knows the gallery owner well. Yes…..he showed up.

At first I could not believe my eyes or luck. After I gathered my wits I tried to circumnavigate his entourage (unsuccessfully) and only managed a conversation with him outside when he joined me for a smoke!  Definitely my all time favourite celeb encounter.

This is my chance to slip in my only other celeb encounter with Dawn French.

I was selected to exhibit in the Threadneedle Prize exhibition at the Mall Galleries in 2009 and she bought my painting. I saw her there and found out later.

She sent me a delightful hand written letter thanking me.

The show went well and the Gallery is at the centre of the East Yorkshire Art Scene. I can highly recommend a visit if your in the area.