My journey through norfolk and Suffolk is one I re visit in my mind more than any other……due to the political mess we have now called ‘Brexit’.

It was five years ago I first arrived and it was here I first realised things were not comfortable.

The time I spent living in North Yorkshire I was aware of the historic disconnectedness the community felt from the rest of the UK. The years of gradual neglect and deconstruction of the industries and in turn the community.

In Great Yarmouth it felt much sharper and severe. It is the first place that greets many eastern europeans when invited over to work. They generally stay in the area they know and understand. They are resourceful people and navigate the lack of resources by creating their own communities.

No extra accommodation, health services and schools. How was it ever going to work.

The locals saw their recourses stretched and buckle under the stress of a doubling and tripling of the community…… was always going to be a disaster, and one of the governments making.

So……..the government set the two communities against each other and hay presto……..BREXIT FEVER.

maybe the tensions affected my mood, I dodged the drug addicts under the pier and air brushed them from my mind and images.

I found the pier quite brutal with its fun rides slightly fading but also a little menacing.

Great Yarmouth Pier

I did find a cafe that turned out to be one of my favourite images from the tour. It has very little to do with Gt Yarmouth but everything to do with what I am trying to achieve.

I happily sold this painting in New York a couple of years ago.