My next stop is over the Humber into Lincolnshire.

But first I had the opportunity of a couple of delightful nights in Patrington with friends.

I have visited this area, known as Holderness for quite a while and it is magical.

I don’t know if its the flat landscape, the random landbound water structures or the fabulous light. It can feel other worldly.

Sadly I cannot include any in my tour and at this point I make decisions about the definition of coastal…… increasing problem as I navigate the coastline.

A little way down river from spurn point there is a little village called Paull with its very pretty and not insignificant lighthouse now redundant due to the shifting nature of the Humber. Theres a whole project right there……keep focussed.

I did however find the two victorian replacement metal lighthouses just a little way down ….irresistible.

I also discovered one of them had been on wheels to keep it in line for shipping. Ingeniouse.

They do have a darlek like appearance. Fabulous imagery but sadly not coastal structures.

After a thrilling drive over the Humber Bridge I headed into Liclolnshire. As you emerge along the Humber the chemical works at Grimsby line the route. Access is difficult so I continued to Cleethorpes.

Cleethorpes is on the Greenwich Meridian line which kind of makes it the centre of the world…sort of.

The town itself is quite unassuming but I was making a bee line for the beach …..and the pier, ah the Pier… obsession with Piers is taking hold.

Cleethorpes Pier launches itself from the land like a giant ship accompanied by its flotilla of breakwaters. Beautifully elegant and resplendent  in its blue and white livery.

I was lucky enough to arrive at low tide so I could get good and close to its improbably spindly legs and take in the magnificent beach vista from the Humber all the way to Mabelthorpe.

The painting became a giant after many aborted attempts at smaller versions. I hoped to get the delicacy of the structure with the thin early morning light bouncing of its metallicness.

Many breakwaters were added and taken away but I decided the space was more important.