Station Art Workshop – The studio

At this point in the blog I think I should mention my studio in Robin Hood’s Bay.

I moved to Bay in 2010 and rented the studio from Scarborough Council in 2011.

Later that year I started Station Art Workshop running art classes for the local community in Robin Hood’s Bay and workshops for …..well anyone who wanted to come.

They came…….





This venture soon became the most fulfilling teaching experience of my career.

Mostly my girls (this was not intentional but all were women) came from the village and returned week on week. I found I had started an art school.

The workshops progressed and so did the quality of the painting.  Our annual summer show became a much anticipated event attracting visitors from far and wide.

During the day I would work on my painting and run the classes in the evening.  This not only provided me with the wherewithal to pay for the studio, it also gave me a place in the community and a damn good bunch of mates. Priceless!

I gave up the studio in 2016 and moved back to Sheffield.

The workshop still holds weekly classes and is now run by the members as a community enterprise…………..I will post in more detail in a later blog but you can find out more at